Problem with corrupt Price Charts

Hi Folks,

I have a problem with some price charts not displaying. Presumably, there is some corruption with the price data? This has affected about 5 stocks out of 3,000. The pane will only have Volume. All price data at the top of the pane is corrupted.

I thought there must be a price in-compatibility (i.e L > H, O or C is outside the H L range etc) however everything with the price data appears OK.

Other panes on the Chart Sheet with Indicators like RSI work fine.

There does appear to be a date corruption on the x-axis for the price charts. When I do an exploration report with OHLCV, all dates look OK, however all daily stock downloads are under the same date, so I don't think one stock can corrupt in a batch download.

Data is all end-of-day.

I am using AB 6.30.5 Build 18 March 2019

Any tips on what to check next?

Many thanks in advance.

Best regards
Bruce W,

Screenshot would probably tell more than description.

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