Problem with eSignal on 2 Indizes

I have a problem with two American indexes on eSignal RT.
$SP900 and $SP100
The backfill works perfectly for both symbols.
The symbol identifiers are correct. Both indices are also included in my RT subscription.
My RT subscription includes 2500 symbols. Around 1,300 of these are currently in use.
For all other symbols I get the correct RT stream.

Only with $SP900 and $SP100 do I not get the RT stream. After the start of trading I always get 0 displayed as “Last” or “Close”. Only after the end of trading can I get a perfect backfill with “Force Backfill”. "Force backfill" during trading hours doesn't change anything.

In the "eSignal 21" app I get the RT stream. These two symbols will be displayed there with “CME Sourced”.

I contacted eSignal support. You won't find any errors there. The symbol identifiers are correct.

What am I doing wrong ?