Problem with EUR.USD using Interactive Broker Data

IB data returns an error saying EUR.USD is an invalid symbol. However, both the IB website and TWS say that symbol is correct.

AB and IB TWS are set up properly and communicating.

It is my understanding that the IB plugin cannot make use of the free delayed IB data. (by the way - is that due to IB limitation or AB?)

However, forex data is always free with IB, there is no subscription option that I could find.

Is it correct to us the symbols listed on the IB website symbol search? Or are the symbols supposed to be in some other format?

Please use forum search.
There are lots and lots of topics related to Interactive Broker symbology already.

Once again:
Your symbol is not inline with Interactive Brokers symbology
Please read here

So e.g. EURUSD symbol on IdealPro would be EUR.USD-IDEALPRO-CASH
So since your symbols is not proper IB symbol you won't get desired result.

Also reminder... since you are newbie... before coming to forum please read all AB Knowledge base articles. Most basic questions are answered there already. And also KB has search function there.

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fxshrat - Thank you for the information. Between your explanation and the AB page cited we figured out the rest. We did all of this years ago but time has dulled the memories. This reminds us of the IB to AB symbol fun.

The AB page you cited is not correct in the procedure stated to find the symbol description box. That is not surprising as the page is pushing 6 years old.

For anyone who reads this with a similar question, first read the page fxshrat linked to above and find out what info you need to create an IB symbol for AB. But ignore how to find the symbol description box. It is wrong for the current version of TWS.

To find the box - in TWS right click the symbol name you wish to obtain data for in IB. In the resulting menu, once again right click the symbol name and a description box with the info you need to piece together the symbol to put in AB appears. It is not intuitive but simple once you know how.

Thomas if you see this ... for what it is worth perhaps you might consider having AB handle the symbol work? Automating such manual tedium seems right the alley of a piece of software.

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