Problem with Parameter and ATR function

I am not able to pass a paramter to the ATR function. When I use the parameter's default value, everything works. Do you know why this happens?

ATRPeriod = Param("ATRPeriod", 20, 1, 50, 5 );
xATR = atr(ATRPeriod);
// Produces Error 52: Invalid argument value for ATR() function: range must be greater than zero (and not Null)


ATRPeriod = 20;
xATR = atr(ATRPeriod);
// Works

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I'm not receiving any error message in AmiBRoker 6.20.

Yes, sometimes it gives the error and sometimes it doesn't, but I figured out why: For some reason, Amibroker has a problem when the variable ATRPeriod and parameter name are the same "ATRPeriod". Once I changed the parameter name to "ATR Period", everything worked. Keep all names separate.

I don't think so. I'm guessing that at first you had set a zero in Param function but then you changed it to a value larger than zero but without clicking Apply button.


The parameter name and variable name are completely independent and there is no dependency nor interference of any kind. @codejunkie guess is most probably the right one.

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