Profit Target and Stop Loss on Report

Can I have the profit target and stop loss price printed on the backtest report?

@Veasnar, have you tried? Does your code generate the prices for those values?

AmiBroker has the power to plot just about anything you want.

The forum has the power to Search for potential matches to your queries.

With the rash of questions, we can see that you are getting in to AmiBroker and AFL, but some of the questions lead me to think you are not trying to debug them yourself.

Not trying to discourage you, but to help you learn how to find the answers yourself to the "easier" problems.

Thanks for your reply, Snoopy.pa30.
Yes, I have those two prices, but when I look at the report, it shows either "Long" or "Long(max loss)" under "Trade" column.

stopLine = IIf( InTrade, Buy -StopLength, Null );//stopLoss
ProfitLine = IIf (InTrade, Buy+ProfitLength, Null);//Profit target