Profit trailing with ActivationFloor

Hi there,
I browsed most available topics in the area of stop losses related to ApplyStop AFL but still can't reproduce what I am looking for in my system.
In short:

  1. I have created a system and entered everything related to signals (Buy, buyprice, sell, sell price, etc)
  2. In addition to the regular Sell condition coded in my formula, I also want to enter a stoploss, and also a trailing profit with an ActivationFloor.
    What I want is a 8 points (or "x"%) stoploss, thus below the Buyprice, and also
    a dynamic stop trailing profit in percent of profit, to be activated only when the price goes "x" % above Buyprice.
    I tried this, using the new ActivationFloor argument in ApplyStop:

Using NQ emini futures as an example:
ApplyStop(0,3,50,0,0,0,0,0,0.14) ; // means I want a stoploss of 50% of the realized profit, but only after the price has risen 0.14% above BuyPrice; which, for NQ futures, is more or less 9 points. So, I don't want to lose more than 50% of this 9 points profits, that is, 4.5 points. But, as long as this 9 points profits is not reached, I want a standard stop loss of 8 points.
Well, my problem is that my formula above doesn't change anything in the backtest results: if I remove it the results are still exactly the same, generating an exit only based on the Sell = ... formula (in my case, the sell criteria is PercentR < -50).

I would appreciate any help for this - I guess - quite basic case.