Programmatic Insertion of Plots on Sheets/Panes

I have a routine that seems to accurately state when one should be in a risk-off or risk-on situation in the US markets. The algorithm uses numerous inputs and could easily have 50+ interesting plots associated with it. Is there some way to programmatically plot onto a specific sheet/pane using AFL and Amibroker. I am aware I can parse/duplicate code sections and make plots that I can drag to a pane. I am also aware and use linked templates. However, parsing all of the code is painful. I would prefer to just tell Amiborker where to put the plot in the code right next to where the plot is created.

The simplest way to do so is to use #includes in the formulas of panes that you want to dynamically create/modify.

Then you can generate the code that is being included dynamically from any place.

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