Programming in AFL is like creating a painting

Just a insight moment I had when experimenting with Debugger.

Programming in AFL is just like creating a painting. You draw. Then, if you dislike the results, you change the little details. The hand was too blue... lets put a bit more green. Ok! And so on.

And, in the end, the backtester will see the whole finished picture (with all the tweaks) and return a "Buy/beautiful" = True or False, in price "green/blue/yellow", If its ugly it will return a Sell/Ugly and so on.

It really changed the whole mindset I had when trying to create a backtest in Amibroker. Before, I was creating a step-by-step setup, more like in a for loop. Now im trying to think "How do I set it up so that in the end the variables will look like this and that?"

Hope that insight of mine will help people who are beginners in AFL too.