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Is there an easy way to incorporate some sort of a progress bar indicator into an AFL code to display status of a lengthy processing? I'm doing Monte Carlo sampling of some parameter space in my formula executing as a Chart or in Exploration mode. This can potentially take a long time, so not seeing any signs of the program working could be quite frustrating.

Thanks in advance!

If you need progress bar for AFL it means that the formula/idea is wrong.

  1. Monte Carlo is built-in functionality in backtester and it runs in fraction of second.
    You don't need formula for that. See the manual Monte Carlo simulation

  2. If processing is lengthy you should divide it into smaller pieces and run as scan/exploration and then you get progress bar for free (automatic)

  3. Formulas run in SEPARATE WORKER THREADS. There is a good programming rule that working thread NEVER talks directly to any GUI. Therefore the whole idea of displaying anything from worker thread is bad idea.

And last but not least: when asking a question ALWAYS INCLUDE THE FORMULA, otherwise it is pointless to spend time answering since it is not answer by speculation/guessing game/ Please follow this advice: How to ask a good question

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