Pulling my hair out trying to get auto trader working - all ideas welcome

Am running Amibroker, IB Controller and TWS all on 32 bits, on 2015 windows bootcamp MacBook Pro.

Have had a lot of advice by phone on setting this up from a friend who has been auto trading for years and have been trying to use his afl code to trade MHI (mini Hang Seng futures) so I can get started with limited exposure.

He has this set up with Manual Buy and Sell buttons which work perfectly and allow me to execute trades from Amibroker, but the auto trader isn't making any trades. We have the exact same afl running on his machine and this is auto-trading perfectly.

As the manual buy and sell buttons on Amibrokers work, I have ruled out an issue with TWS. I'm guessing that I must have done something wrong with Amibroker. Amiboker is properly registered and IB controller is unlocked.

Think my Amibokrer Database settings are ok. Think I'm starting the code running properly. Any ideas for me to explore to fix this?

Many thanks

If your manual buys and sells work, then your Amibroker install should be fine. You probably should debug the code with lots of trace statements.

Thanks - Had been using my laptop. Did Fresh installation on my desk top and the problem went away. Will delete Amibroker and TWS and start over on laptop when I get a spare hour or so. Sure to be back with more questions as I attempt to optimize my auto trader AFL. This is fun,

Hi. Are you based in HK trading HSI and HHI futures? I am having same problems using IBC to autotrade. Is there anyway I can message you to work together on that? Thanks.

Manual buttons for placing trades from AmiBroker use IBController as well so if that works for you, then IBController and TWS are working fine. And you should seek for problems in your code. Start your coding with simple code that just places order on demo account.

Use advice given here:

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