Python and Amibroker Interaction guidance

I am learning Python to enhance my system development.
Currently I run things separately but would like to integrate python and AFL code.
My goals are similar to the Safe-f parameters thread here.
In time set code on scientific footing.

It’s difficult to decide which way to achieve this.

I’m looking for guidance and help to see if I can make this work.

I’ve be coding in AFl for some time, python recently and OLE, DLLs not at all.

Many thanks to those who have contributed to my learning so far
and appreciate the assistance for this project.

In my opinion throwing more languages (like Python) into the mix just makes things harder, not easier, and is not really necessary as everything is doable within AmiBroker itself, but @howardbandy and others have other opinion.

People have tendency to think in terms “more = better”. But the truth is that in programming less is more. And less is better. So don’t add complexity when it is not needed.


Agree whole heartedly. AmiBroker can do anything and more than I can imagine or am capable of. The reality is I’m not in your league and like to access to open source code/packages that the smarter community of people have developed and still collaborate development. eg. skikit-learn that’s been mentioned by @howardbandy .

I’ve written fast threshold clustering algorithm etc. The testing took ages and showed that there is a lot of stats I needed. Many of the techniques and code I’m attempting to adapt from python. Coding isn’t in itself the goal.

The point of this thread is see what thoughts and opinions there are about this topic to provide guidance and alternatives that would benefit forum members.
There’s so much that can be done. I would need several lifetimes unless I leverage what’s existing already.

we need a solution if i share my afl with anyone . how can i encrypt it so he cant see my code .
what are the possible solutions

I hope Amibroker AFL can provide libraries for AI Deep Learning, as Amibroker is mainly a decision tree method (nested IFs). This will push us to find an interface with Python to harvest the best of the two environments!