Python OLE script for database update - can't create new ticker


I have made myself a small script which is supposed to take a text file with all stocks’ data and to update the AB database (if the ticker exists already) or create a new ticker if not found in AB:

ab = win32com.client.Dispatch("Broker.Application")
for line in mktlist:
    l = line.split(';')
    # l[0] - ticker
    # l[1] - Alias
    # l[2] - FullName
    # l[3] - Currency
        stock = ab.Stocks(l[0])
        if stock is not None:
            # stock found
            # update stock data - this part works OK
            stock.Alias = l[1]
            stock.FullName = l[2]
            stock.Currency = l[3]
            # etc... 

            stock.IsDirty = 1
            # stock not found
            # create new - this part doesn't work
            new_stock = ab.Stocks.Add(l[0])
            new_stock.Alias = l[1]
            new_stock.FullName = l[2]
            new_stock.Currency = l[3]
            # etc...

            new_stock.IsDirty = 1
    except Exception as e:
        print("%s:\n" % (e))
        print("%s\n" % (traceback.format_exc()))


The problem I have is that while the update of existing ticker and determining that a ticker does not exist work perfectly, the new ticker is not created.

Have you any idea what I am doing wrong?

Thanks for your help.

Best regards,

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It is created but you need to call RefreshAll to see it.

Thank you Tomasz.

Do you mean that RefreshAll must be called every time after every new symbol found?
Right now I call it only once in the end, after passing whole list.

No, it should be called ONCE only. This is AFL formula and it just works

ab = CreateObject("Broker.Application");
stks = ab.Stocks;

Understood Tomasz.

Thanks again for your help

Best regards,