Quandl.com API Key

Tried to sign on using Google, seemed to work, BUT says I have Csrf detected.
Have W10 with latest Defender, ok and Malwarebytes running OK
Would like to try it out on the FREE stocks. Will not work.
Have the API key. How do I get the Csrf removed?

Sorry, but I guess nobody knows what is “Csrf” ? If your message was less cryptic and used less acronyms somebody might be able to help.

I think it refers to this kind of issue:

Cross-site request forgery

Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF)

Sorry I meant to show a site where it was explained.
beepe explained it well

Still I am not getting it when and where such error occurs. Screenshots really help - picture is worth 1000 of words.

I tried to sign on with raycherry2@gmail.com, this is what happened.
It seems to work, see top line.

Finally found it is $49/m. I signed on to Tiingo at $10/m, which is great.

Not sure what Csrf detected means. I should have signed on using other method.

Will try to sign on using other method.

Thanks for the reply.

Looks like issue with QuanDL.com site. You need to ask them (i.e. QuanDL) directly (please send them this screenshot so they know exactly what you see).