QuanDL taken over by Nasdaq

Apparently QuanDL web site does not exists anymore and how it is redirected to "Nasdaq Data Link" https://data.nasdaq.com/

Full story: https://www.nasdaq.com/articles/introducing-nasdaq-data-link%3A-the-next-evolution-in-data-2021-09-08

Leaving marketing "success story" aside, as a part of this development it seems that they lowered limits and now you can only make 20 calls per 10 minutes and 50 anonymous calls per day. Attempting to download more would result in errors listed here: ERROR CODES

Please don't complain about AmiQuote if you get those QELx01 error codes when you try to download hundreds of symbols from QuanDL (now Nasdaq). The errors don't come from AmiQuote. They come from Nasdaq data. We don't control 3rd party web sites / data sources. You have to download less symbols. Anything above 20 symbols is subject to limit.

To download more consider using alternative data sources available in AmiQuote

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