Quandl wiki continuous futures data stopped working on 31st December

Hi all,
I have been using for a while the free continuous futures data from Quandl for a while testing a CTA style strategy. I know its limitations as it is not back-adjusted, but still good for my manual tests.
Unfortunately, for the last 3-4 days, the plug-in is not populating data anymore, actually it deleted the last datapoints it had imported. I have been looking around, but I can't find any comment/post on the issue, and and the author web itself seems dead.
Anyone using the plugin can throw any clue about it ? and anyone using any free/cheap alternative continuous futures data source?
Thanks for your help.

What plugin?
QuanDL is available not via plugin, but via AmiQuote:

Apologies I failed to mention the plug-in. I am using Anderson Wilson plug-in (referenced sometimes in the forum), although I know it is not supported by Amibroker and it is an external plug-in. Before using it, I tried to use Amiquote, but as advised by you in the Quandl threat, the wiki continuous futures format is not supported by Amiquote. I tried again last week using the standard source in Amiquote, but I get the same price for O, H, L, C and no volume, so I guess the wiki format is not yet the required one.

I also looked at the custom import definition, but if that imply downloading all the data and then importing it, it would be a 1) long manual process or 2) program a script currently far above my programming capabilities.

What do you think it would be the best way forward?


You can define YOUR OWN import formats for each of QuanDL sources: How to use Quandl.com