Quantopian Code Translation

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I am new to AFL after spending a fair amount of time using Quantopian platform(now shut down) and as such have all my codes in Python(Quantopian). I am interested in any advice on translating the python code to AFL, Is anyone aware of any service that exists for this?


Python as a language can be used with AmiBroker:

Your Quantopian codes however for sure contain parts that are hard-wired to that platform and that would require rewrite.

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BTW: Quantopian shutdown just proves something that I was talking about for years:
don't trust on-line services. Do not rely your life on things like: Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, GMail, what ever other online backup service, on-line password storage or whatever other "super duper" online service.

I keep my backups on physical media that I own. The software that I use I run on my computer. I keep all my email communication on my own disk (download via POP3 protocol, not IMAP) and physical backups.

AmiBroker works locally on your computer, using your local database. You got the license on your computer. Once installed, AmiBroker works fine even without internet connection.
You can keep both program and the license key secure on local drive, USB stick, CD-ROM, for decades. Just make backups and you will be fine.


Many thanks, I'll research this.
Yes, some parts of the codes are Quantopian specific but are easy enough to deal with.

Excellent reply by the boss here. I was always surprised so many people would go to develop what they thought was their edge on an online platform where operators have full access to everything. Especially when there are robust low cost solutions like Amibroker with amazing functionality.

Couldn't agree with you more on not trusting online sources.
Generally I always run on a local machine. Quantopian was beneficial merely as a test and research platform due being able to obtain Quality and Value Fundamentals for combining with strategies.

Amipy plugin is looking good, loaded in and testing at the moment.

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