Query amibroker db

Need help in querying amibroker dB.
Why I need, it is required to find option data for given underlying.
I trade in banknifty I need price of given option by banknifty.
Like 32300 is banknifty then I need 32300 ce is data on particular date.

Use Foreign function http://www.amibroker.com/f?foreign

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Thanks for replying Tomasz, I am looking to use amibroker database from other language like Java or python. So need some bridge to connect jdbc connection to amibroker db.

Your original question is typical example of not formulating question precisely and explicitly. Re-read your original question and ask yourself, if anyone can guess that you wanted Java and JDBC?

Your follow up question still leaves a lot of room for guessing/misinterpretation of what you really need.

Short answer is: AmiBroker database is proprietary and can not be read from Java directly. You have to export data to text.

Please follow this advice: How to ask a good question

Sorry Tomasz, my bad not written question properly.

Thanks for making Amibroker, I am making money due to this.