Question about the zigzag indicator

Dear all,
I'm trying to understand how this indicator is displayed.
In the following example I expected a peak but the zigzag line in blue is flat.
The parameter is set to 20% change. The last green bar is 20% up from 0.004 to 0.005, so would be a candidate for a new peak. The last bar close at 0.004 - a bit hard to see, sorry. Wouldn't there be a peak at 0.005 at the last green bar?
Any help in understanding this would be appreciated. Thanks!

I beleve the green candle is a trough, therefore it cannot also be a peak.

Thanks Matt,
when I advance by one bar I get:

and now the peak is shown. I've circled the closing prices. The trough appears before the green bar. I'm puzzled...

Sorry, i didn't realize there was a prior bar that established the trough. There must be something else going on.

I think you are right. If I set the limit to 19.99 % I get the display I expected. Must be one of these edge cases where calculations are sensitive to precision.

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