Question on AFL Output

Seeking to understand AFL output.

  1. can you enter code to select say Morning Start Pattern AND Engulfing pattern AND ticker that moved more than XX percent?
  2. What is the output when the script is run?
  3. Can you schedule the script to run at say midnight?

Thanks in advance and apologize for ignorance.

Hi, I suggest you study the user guide. These questions are answered there.

Moderator comment: telling to read the guide WITHOUT giving actual URL to specific part of it is pretty much useless. If you instruct people to read, give them the URL.

Thank you very much for your non response. Trying to do some prepurchasing research.

@hernandj yes you can do all of those things. As for #2, the output can be many different things depending on what you want. You can code the output to produce a "Buy" or "Sell" signal in a Scan or Exploration or Backtest. You can produce an "Alert", you can produce a signal on a Chart, you can generate an email, etc etc.

AmiBroker is a powerful program and you can probably do more than your imagination can produce.

I think these YouTube videos will give you great overview of what you can do and how it can be done:

Ok, that is my bad. I will rectify and be more specific. Thanks for pointing it out.

Thanks appreciate the information. Just what I needed.

thank you.