Questions about Bar replay?

Q1 ) I have a ticker with 1-minute data,
and I switch the interval to [10m] on the chart window,
after I setup Tools > Preferences > Intraday to contain 10 minute,
but there is still no [10-minute] option on the Bar replay,
how do I solve it? or just manually input [10-miute]?
Q2 ) After I press [Play] button, it play,
then I must press [Pause] to pause it, it is really inconvenient,
why not just press [Spacebar] to [Pause] when the user gives focus on the Bar relay window?

Q3) the default Speed of the Bar replay is one second,
then I change it to 0.5 seconds, then I press [Play] again,
but the speed seems no change, how do I solve it?

Thank you for your help :smiley: !

Q2 ) After I press [Play] button, it play,
then I must press [Pause] to pause it, it is really inconvenient,
why not switch focus to the [Pause] immediately after the user press the [Play],
so the user can press [Spacebar] to [Pause] it?

Please read the manual:
it really explains everything and answers your doubts

I think alexlin's concern in Q2 is about the ease of use of the bar replay tool.

As a user doing trade simulations, I'd like to be able to have keyboard shortcuts that directly control the bar replay, regardless of whether the bar replay window is currently selected or not, so that I can leverage the power and speed of keyboard shortcuts.

Here's the reason: I am drawing objects on charts, and would like to just press a button, say the "Pause/Break" button, to pause the replay, draw my objects, then press the "Pause/Break" button to continue the replay instead of clicking in the bar replay window. Additionally, I'd like to be able to step forward and back with keyboard shortcuts. Since AB already has keyboard shortcut functionality, it seems to me that it wouldn't be too hard to allow shortcuts to be assigned to the bar replay tool buttons.

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This is not how Windows work. Global shortcuts for menus are totally different thing.
As for SPACE key - in Windows in DIALOGs (and Bar Replay is a dialog window) space key automatically "presses" button that currently has a FOCUS. If "Play" button was focused, then space key would "click" it. If "Pause" had focus, then Pause would be "clicked" by space key press.

Windows has whole default dialog keyboard handling protocol that works for all dialogs.
In dialogs you can:

  • move between controls using TAB key (or SHIFT+TAB backwards)
  • click currently focused button / checkbox/ radio by pressing SPACE bar
  • click "OK" button (or whatever other "default button" is by pressing ENTER key
  • click "Cancel" button by pressing ESC key

the manual says:
Recommended setting is the base interval of your database. So if you have the 1-minute database, the step interval should be 1 minute.

but there is no 10-minute option on the "Base interval" settings.
and as I know, the "Base time interval" setting is fixed so the user cannot add a new interval to it.

Set focus to the [Pause] button after User press [Play],
this is not a strange thing because every Media player does it,
this is basic logic,
the most frequent thing to do after play is to pause it,
because we need to pause and see what happened on a view.

I know you don't like to spend time on UI, but users just need it,
although AmiBroker is invincible in end-user charting tools,
but we just need a little UI improvement on every update,
especially the improvements that will not cost much of your time.

You don't understand simple sentences. If it says select interval equal to BASE interval of your DATABASE, it means exactly that, not something else. Not "chart" interval but "database interval". Follow instructions, not something else. Playback of data is done NOT ON CHART level. It is done on database level. Re-read the manual. Several times if needed.

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After you define the start/end date, INSTEAD of clicking Play, click Pause.
Then click STEP FOWARD
After that you can use space bar to foward one candle


Topic is solved. Reading manual is strongly recommended.