Questions about [Calculate composites]?

Q1. From user guide, I guess that
ADline() = quantity of tickers that become advanced.
AdvVolume() = sum(volume of tickers that become advanced).
are they correct?
Q2. Trin() is ArmsIndex, but from the user guide,
it seems no relation with advancing/declining/unchanged issues,
why it also need [Calculate composites]?
Q3. Does [Calculate composites] generate any ticker (which contains numbers, volume)? I mean, where can we see the advancing/declining/unchanged issues?
Q4. If we don't check any calculate items
(for a new market that never do this before),
what results will happen?
[ ] Number of advancing/declining issues.
[ ] Volume for base index.
[ ] Copy volume to all indexes.
Q3. About [Calculate composites],
User guide says that ‘Also possible in this dialog is calculation of volume numbers for indexes if imported incorrectly’,
What does it mean of ‘calculation of volume numbers for indexes if imported incorrectly’?
Thank you very much :smiley:!

I've added some symbols to Market 1, then
Symbol -> Categories -> set base index for composites to a symbol,
Symbol -> Calculate composite as follows:
then create a chart pane with code as follows:

Plot( ADLine() ,  "ADL", colorRed, styleOwnScale );

Plot( AdvVolume(), "AdvV", colorLime, styleOwnScale );

but after all, there is nothing on this chart pane.
Please help, Thank you :smiley:!

Never used but perhaps your base index isn’t in the market category and marked as “index” under symbol information.

Thank you for reply :blush:,
but my 'base index' is in Market1,
and I marked all symbol as "index" in Market1,
and also, I've followed your link before I create this post.
so I still need help!

I’m going to try here shortly but you do not mark all symbols as index. You need something like DJI or SNP500 just as a reference for days with data.

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I've set "is index" to No for all symbols in Market 1
except my 'base index', then do [Calculate] again,
this time, the 'time funnel' icon appeared (I guess your idea works).
I don't know if 'base index' will be calculated, is there any one know?
I have 6 symbols (one as base index).
it seems a 'time-comsuming' work (25 minutes passed),
for 350,000 * 6(symbols) * 1-minute bars (still watiing) :sweat_smile:...
Time-comsuming work is not suite for market runtime,
so other substitute methods are welcome.
Maybe I should reduce bars then calculate again...
AmiBroker is still 'No response' now,
I don't know if it is no problem to close it forcely.

I just tried on about 400 symbols and it calculated in a couple seconds but I only went back 300 daily bars. 350000 bars is a lot lol.

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Do you see any 'new tickers' appears on your 'Symbol' list?

No, I did not.

Tried creating a couple to see how ADLine() works. I plotted ADLine() below a chart. If i select a symbol that's part of market that I calculated, the corresponding markets ADLine is plotted.

So example, you have all the NYSE stocks in a market along with DJI index as a index reference, then you have all the NASDAQ stocks in a market along with NASDAQ 100 index as a reference, calculate Advance/Decline. Now when a stock thats a member of the NYSE Market category is displayed, the ADV/DEC is shown for that stock.

If a stock that's a member of your NASDAQ market is selected, the ADV/DEC for that stock is shown. If a stock that's not a member of any market that wasn't calculated or doesn't have an index as a reference is chosen, nothing is displayed.

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With still [1-Minute] base time interval,
[v] Number of advancing/declining issues.
apply to [v] Data range: [2013/01/01 to 2013/12/31],
this market = [Market 1], then [Calculate] again,

This time, I've got no time-funnel icon, it means nothing happened.
Does this function just work on [Daily] base time interval :roll_eyes:?

I've reduced data range to one month, then I got thing done.
the waiting icon appears again.
after read the formula of ADLine(),
I will create a new post for it (try to make things simple).
my post made things complex, you made it simpler, thanks for your reply :smile:!