Questions regarding AmiQuote

Dear community members,
I am new in your forum and I have questions to your software AmiQuote:
AmiQuote writes the downloaded files locally to the hard disk in ASCII format (.csv), right?

This data can be automatically imported into AmiBroker, right?

Is it possible to download data from the data provider

This price data provider enables the download of complete stock exchanges with an API call.

If not, can you integrate this interface into the software and at what price?

Is the adjustment of the price data (for corporate actions and dividends) done automatically and the already adjusted price data written into the database?

If AmiQuote offers an ASCII quote database, in my opinion it can also be used with other technical analysis software, right?

Is it possible to create master data such as ticker, industry, stock exchange, currency and ISDN number for each financial instrument?
Thank you,
Sincerely, hershingbird

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If you are looking for great data with optional and flexible abilities to switch (a flick of the switch, so to speak) between un-adjusted and fully adjusted (for corporate actions: settings for either splits, dividends or both) as well as de-listings, I would strongly suggest Norgate NDU data service. You can also test out a trial and see how well it integrates with Amibroker. It is exceptional IMHO.


AmiQuote stores TEXT files (comma separated) in ASCII format.
Yes the data can be (if 'automatic import' is selected) imported automatically into AmiBroker. is not yet integrated, but we are adding new sources from time to time.

Adjustments depend on data source. Most of them offer adjusted prices.

Yes these are text files that can be imported to other programs.

AmiQuote does not create "master" files.

Is anyone of the forum members capable to programm a data plugin for this datafeed?

Plugin source code is no secret, you can drop them a suggestion to have it developed.
Of course, it will be in their best interest.

Where can I get the lugin source code for a datafeed connection?

A simple search would've led you there.

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Am I right that the datafeed plugin works in conjunction with AmiQuote to download the quotes from
the datasource and provide it for AmiBroker for an automatic import? Read this carefully.
Its easier to answer well thought out questions then to just spoon feed. Even my time is limited you know.

The Data Plugin and AmiQuote are two separate independent entities.

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No, AmiQuote is stand alone program and does not use plugins. Plugins and AmiQuote are two separate, independent ways to bring data to AmiBroker. Data plugins are used by AmiBroker to connect to real-time sources directly (without AmiQuote).

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Hi @Tomasz,
Just a heads up to know if you have plans to integrate to AmiQuote.