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Is there any short-cut key for scrolling charts from Analysis windows and Quick Review windows? Just like we have the keys Shift + Up/Down Keys for scrolling from watch lists?

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It works as in ANY OTHER program in Windows. Select (click) the line in list view and use CURSOR KEYS (Up and down)

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I referred the below article

I used the option "Sync Chart on Select" in the Analysis window and it worked. Is it available in "Quick Review" Window also? I tried using the cursor keys from the quick review window but the charts are not syncing except when I double click the symbols line by line.


You did not say that in your FIRST post.
In your first post you specifically said "SCROLLING"

In your second post it is completely DIFFERENT. You now ask about double clicking. Double click IS NOT scrolling.
You really need to follow this advice: How to ask a good question

"Sync chart on select" as it name says, works on "select" event. Selection can be done by mouse (double click not really needed, as single click works on selection too) or by keyboard (basic Windows usage - it works in any list view including Windows Explorer navigate listview with keyboard - Google Search)

And no there is no such thing as "sync chart on select" for QuickView window, it works on double click which is completely different event.

I am sorry for not framing the question properly though I mentioned the shortcut keys " Shift + Up/Down arrows" My intention was not clear.

Short cut keys for "Scrolling charts " from the List in QuickView window would have been better.

Thank you

Quick Review is not touched for 15 years and won't receive any attention because Analysis windows totally SUPERSEDES it.

I understand thank you, but even today I use Quick Review most of the time to know the performance of Various categories of stocks. It's one of my favorite feature.

I request to look into the possibility of adding quick review features to Analysis window in future if feasible. So that Amateur users don't have the necessity of writing any AFL Code to know the performance gains quickly.

There is no need to add anything. Analysis window already provides SUPERSET of features of Quick Review. Save your exploration as APX project. Then single click load and single click scan.

Superset of features of Quick Review? I am sorry I didn't understand this. Do you mean that I can find the daily,weekly,quarterly,yearly performance of stocks in Analysis windows itself? For that I presume I need to have a AFL which i think i can't replicate the results of Quick review window.

Thank you.

Yes, you can get that all and much much more via exploration, see: How to create your own exploration

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