Quick Question - Explore Daily Doesn't Work Within Current Week?

Hey guys,

This is a simple question, and I admit that I must be missing something obvious, but I looked through the settings/manual/posts and tried to find an answer with no luck.

My question is very simple, first my data is updated (today is Aug. 12), however, when I run the following exploration the latest date it pulls is from Aug 10 - why is that? It won't run anything for Aug 12 or even the 11th.

My periodicity is set to daily, I can't find any other setting that would affect it (also my other models also don't work within the current week, I thought it was due to that code so I wrote this simple one to see that something else must be wrong) - is there a setting that is set to weekly somewhere?

The really odd thing, when I change periodicity to weekly/monthly, the latest day it pulls is from today! I suppose it thinks today is the end of the "week" or "month". It seems that with periodicity on "daily", it's set to just using Mondays for some reason?

Any help would greatly be appreciated!


Filter =
Volume > 200000
AND Close > 10
AND Close < 30;

Your code works fine. In your analysis settings, have you turned on Pad & Align, and if so, are you using a reference symbol that has data for August 11 and 12?

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No, Pad & Align is not turned on.

Under analysis settings, it's all quite basic - General, daily periodicity, I turned everything else off. Under Trades, all at the close and 0 delay. No stops. The rest are not related to trading, as far as I believe.

Should I uninstall everything and re-install Amibroker?

The database has the data from today (and this week) as I can see the charts are updated properly.

Sorry, I'm not sure what happened here, kind of stuck.


Seems to me like it might be some sort of database problem.

What happens if you run over a shorter time period and just use:

Filter = True;
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Very interesting, when i used filter = true, it did work up to the correct date Aug 13th.

The problem was - volume!

After I tried what you suggested, I tried to filter only for volume >200k, it didn't work. I then tried only close > 10, and it worked, came back with Aug.13!

I wonder if the volume data is just coming in flagged as weekly? I have no idea, but at least I know what the problem, and thankfully I don't need to start from scratch as I'll just take out the volume requirement.

Thanks for your help and suggestions! As someone new to programming, this forum has been extremely helpful - thanks to you and others that contribute!

Just look in Symbol / Quote Editor to see which bars have volume.

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Thanks, didn't realize that was an option.

Volume data ends on Aug 7th! Just zeros for this week.

Very odd. I'm using Tiingo for data... at least OHLC is correct (I should probably double check this too....) I'll have to contact them and find out what's going on. Thanks again

(updated - just FYI, i've been using "current" to d/l data, but when I now ran "historical" to d/l data, I now see that it does populate volume. For anyone else using them, might be of interest, I might have missed that in the documentation)