Quick Question RE SetTradeDelays

Hey guys,

I've read through the posts, but I am missing something obvious about setting trade delays and I hope you can help.

I know that SetTradeDelays (buydelay, selldelay, shortdelay, coverdelay) is the syntax.

Here's my question, when I use something like settradedelays( 0, 11, 1, 8 ) - the sells on my long are still the next day. I've used other numbers, still the next day.

I tried in the settings to delay sell exits by several days, removing from the code SetTradeDelays, and it still only exits the next day.

When I change the buydelay, that works, but the selldelay doesn't delay anything - what am I missing?

Specifically, I am trying to delay the exit - if this bar is the signal to exit, do so on the open of the next bar. I can't get this to work for some reason.

Thanks for your help!

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