QuickAFL, was: Problem with BarCount

Hi there..
I have a problem with BarCount..for example when I use barcount in a program it count only some last bars showed in the chart window or some more.(when I zoom it in the BarCount count less data and when zoom it out it becomes more...
and when I scroll the chart to the previous data, BarCount counts the last bar shown in the window as BarCount-1
Tnx for helping me...

you know..I'm beginner in AFL..


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The only problem is that you have not read the available docs. All is explained there. It does not need to be re-explained.

If you are new then read the docs and KB articles first then come here. If you come here asking then it is expected that you know the very basics of AFL already.

What you observe is not a problem but it is called QuickAFL.


thanx for quiding.. I have read these Refs before..But docs dosen't explain anything about it..

Wrong, it is explained in detail (even visually)!

Do you see this example picture below? (I have added extra exclamation marks so that you don't miss it again)

Also, user guide points to QuickAFL link

BTW, KB articles are docs too. Basically all available information offline within their software as well as online on official website of www.amibroker.com explaining how their software works and what are their software's features are docs (software documentation).