R Math Plugin Experience

Has anyone had any experience in working with the R Math plugin?

While I got it to be recognized in 32bit AmiBroker plugin display status, I quickly get a C++ Runtime Library error when trying to use it.

In search the web, I came across a site (in Russian - Google translated)

that refers to the need to sign up for a server connection to get this to work. They seem to point to here http://www.autstat.com/index.php/download.html

There was also comments about the instability of this plugin.

Any advice/experience in this is greately appreciated.

I do recognized that if I had 10% of some others programming skills, I could re-write everything from scratch in alf, and it would run much quicker. But the libraries I want to use from R, advance portfolio allocation algos, are quite complicated.


R-Plugin works, but due to the fact that R itself is not multi-threaded, it can not be used with multi-threading turned on. You need to turn off multi-threading in Preferences to use “R” plugin.