Range bar afl code for exploration

I want to write afl for range bar directly for sma crossover for 10 n 20 period moving average so want to scan n exploration my whole watchlist base on range bar candles..
Here main thing to consider is RANGE BARS FOR PLOTTING

Has it been really so much challenging to first look up
existing material 1 (AB manual -> Cross) and
existing material 2 (AB manual -> MA) and
existing material 3 (AB Knowledgebase -> Cross) and
existing material 4 (AB Knowledgebase -> Range bars+Plot) and
existing material 5 (AB manual exploration) and
existing material 6 (AB Knowledgebase Exploration) and
existing material 7 (AB forum search -> insert search item)
etc. ?

What have you done so far? Nothing?


@VYOMSKY - if the links provided by @fxshrat don't answer your question, please provide us with a properly structured one - an outline on how to do that is here.

If you do ask a further question, please explain what you mean by "range bar", to avoid any confusion. For example, all price bars on a chart have a "range", whether it be from the High to Low, or the Open to the Close, or some other combination.


In addition to what @fxshrat and @phase21 have said, you could also consider using the words "Hi", "Please" and / or "Thank-you"! You will find people will just ignore your post if you don't show any appreciation or respect.

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@VYOMSKY, piling on here but statements such as "sma crossover for 10 n 20 period moving average" and "scan n exploration" can be confusing. The letter "n" is often used to represent "n-periods".
When I read "10 n 20" my first thought was what is the 'n' period? How many days is 'n'? Reading further it appears to be slang for the words "and" and "in" which could be dangerous. In code, as in life, appearances can be deceiving.

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Thank you all for guiding me in todays busy life
I m heartly sorry if i hurt anyone
My sole intention is to get some help

I missed basics of life like appreciation n thanks giving bt i dnt want to hurt anyone by any means

Currently in emergency department of hospital ,saving unfortunate life so after 1..2 days
I will give precise answer wht is my logic behind stratagy,why i want to use it,and where i want to use it for my specific intension,
I m using amibroker since 3 yrs ,trading my own logic in auto n i knw all d basics of it ,i already Google all the details bt can not find so i come to this place

Yes and there is a bucket load of help from very generous and knowledgeable people on this great forum. But all you are doing is causing people to ignore your post! There's never an excuse for a lack of basic manners and appreciation! If you know how to type then you know how to use good manners!

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