Ranking cryptocurrencies by marketcap using external database

Hello guys,

I would like to backtest crypto system taking into account market cap of the coins.
I have data for the market caps and ranks by date in excel and wonder if I can use/import it in Amibroker?

I noticed in the forum that there is an option for import of fundamental data so I can add those ranks there. Am I on the right track?

Any other suggestions are well appreciated :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help in advance!

Here how I solve the problem for someone who experience the same challenge:

After getting ranks for all cryptocurrencies for specific dates I created new database where instead of volume (which I don't needed it) I have assigned ranks. For dates where there was missing rank for some reason I just put some random number such as 999. So this way I have ranked cryptocurrencies by market cap from external source :slight_smile:

You probably didn't need a separate database for that. Instead you could just use the Aux1 or Aux2 fields in the existing database. The Open Interest (OI) field is often unused as well.