Ratching up interest in AmiBroker!

Hi AmiBroker forum members,

As a newbie, I'd just like to introduce myself to the AB forum. Having recently created an account, I am still playing around with the AB trial with the intention of moving my existing platform over to either the Standard or Pro editions in the new year.

As I have learnt more about trading styles over the past 12-18 months I have gradually realised my existing platform does not provide the adequacy and flexibility of how I imagine myself investing for the medium and long haul.

I have interests in Momentum and Breakout style trading and an avid follower of Nick Radge's "The Chartist" service. I've picked up on a number of other threads the value of the Howard Bandy book series and are now delving into those leisurely as a starting point, as well as the official Tutorials and User Guide.

I look forward to participating in this forum as I build my confidence and shed those training wheels!

Thanks, and see you around!


Welcome! Good luck with your research. The well is deep and plentiful with information and possibilities.

Thanks MCassICT for the reply and encouragement.

I must say, this particular Forum platform is light-speeds ahead of other general forum sites I've visited and participated in the past! You actually FEEL like a member on this platform.

To get you off on the right foot....make sure you read:

How to ask a good question


Welcome @bouralex.

One thing I found when transitioning to AB was you have to think in terms of Arrays.

It can be a challenge getting started, but the amazing speed of processing, and flexibility of programming is wonderful.

Search is your friend when getting started!


Thanks snoopy.pa30,

Yes, I have briefly read Tomasz's page on arrays and that's some really good starting advice. I'm one of those that needs to re-read things a couple of times before it "sinks in", particularly abstract concepts like arrays since I don't usually use them in other ways (e.g. Excel).

Thanks again for your guidance.

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