Re-installing system on new computer

I have installed Amibroker with Interactive Brokers onto a new computer using the software packages below. It is the last two in the list AFL Code Wizard and AmiQuote that I am not sure I need but everything else I know that I do need.

Assistance in understanding why I might or might not need AFL Code Wizard and AmiQuote are greatly appreciated.

Amibroker with Interactive Brokers:

  • Interactive Brokers IB Gateway
  • Interactive Brokers Trader Workstation TWS
  • Interactive Brokers TWS API
  • Amibroker's IB Controller Auto-trade Interface
  • Amibroker's Latest 6280

*** Amibroker's AFL Code Wizard**
*** Amibroker's AmiQuote**

AFL Code Wizard and AmiQuote are part of AmiBroker installation.

Code wizard is basic helper software if you are unfamiliar with AFL programming.

AmiQuote is a data downloader which supports web data sources such as Yahoo, Tingo, Google,, Quandl.

Both of those add-ons are not needed for the use of AmiBroker with Interactive Brokers.

The function of AFL Wizard and AmiQuote is shortly presented on the products page:

I didn't see Amiquote in the original install so installed the beta.

Today I buy AFL Code Wizard 99$, and already 4 time email amibroker suport and no solution. To find where I find to download, because no have in website : and another. Thanks

As written on the web page AFL Code Wizard is already installed when you install AmiBroker and available from Analysis menu:


So you don't need to install it separately.

As to registration of AFL Wizard it is described here:

Thanks very much Mr Tomasz., You are the best...