Reading a string date into a matrix

Hi guys,
firstly I recognise this is similar to a few other posts but I am missing something.

I am reading from an input text file as:-

from input file buyline

buyLine = fgets( buyFile );
buyDate = StrToNum(StrExtract( buyLine, 0 ));

buyCount = 1
loaded into matrix
buyTrades[buyCount][1] = buyDate;

then later retrieved to lookup barindex

I = 1
buyDate = DateTimeConvert(2, buyTrades[i][1]);
barI = Lookup( BarIndex(), buyDate );

I am obviously getting it wrong as barI is 0.

Hope this is not too simple as I have read quite a biy of the doco and form comments but it still eludes ne.


That code line will not create expected datetime number.

Instead to convert string to DateTime value use _DT() function:

buyDate = _DT(StrExtract( buyLine, 0 ));

Then you do not need conversion in addition.

BTW, please use code tags when inserting code.
It is mandatory rule.
Please read here:

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Thanks fxshrat,
that did the trick.
I'll try to remember you hint on the code tags.


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