Reading levels by symbol from CSV file - alerts and plotting

I maintain a watch list of stocks in excel and note the levels where I want to set the alerts and as soon as they trigger on closing basis, I review the charts for potential trades.

My question is > is it possible to (i) get AFL to read the levels for each symbol and fire the alerts, (ii) and in a table format, shows the same in exploration where, if the close is above the levels, it's colour changes.

In addition to this, can it also plot the levels for e.g on the AAPL chart, it plots the horizontal line (Ray) at the marked levels starting from the dates that are mentioned for each of the symbols?

I am not looking for codes but want to know if this is possible and if yes, would appreciate getting some hints and pointers so that I can work on the same. I am aware of fopen and fgets functions but currently struggling to get that to work.

I am using Amibroker Pro 6.20.1 edition.


You can get some ideas at below link to read data from file and processing it further
Of course you would have to adjust code to your needs.

As for creating exploration read here.

As for alerts please read here

Yes, see Gfx functions e.g. GfxSelectPen(), GfxMoveTo(), GfxLineTo() as well as GfxSetCoordsMode() and others...
Note: to enable Gfx you need to call Plot at least one time.

So try yourself first and then come back if getting stuck.