Real time data limition

I'm looking for a reliable data provider from which I can download one-minute quotes in real time through an api without limiting the number of quotes... I'll explain: I trade through Interactive Brokers, and there they limit the number of simultaneous quotes to only 100... you can buy an extension for another 100 Quotes at a cost of $30 per month... You can buy extensions up to a limit of 1000 quotes in total and at a very high monthly cost... I'm looking for an alternative. Any recommendations? Can I connect Amibroker to one data provider and perform automatic trading via interactive at the same time?

IQFeed it offers relatively cheap data and long backfills

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ive used first rate data for minute data on futures and found them good as a cheap but reliable source.


just to add to my comment: FRD is only historical data not real time, for real time data I use IB which I need/use for live trading.

Hi, thanks for the answers.
The thing is that I need real time quotes and that I won't be limited to only 100 at a time. And that is not possible in Interactive Brokers. So I thought maybe there is another data provider through which you can get real-time data to Amibroker for the purpose of running an algo and the commands to send to Interactive...