Real Time Trading by chart or scan


In Real Time Trading, we can trade by charts or by scan.
If we go for scan option in real time trading, where there are n numbers of strategies and n number of watchlists. We don't need to open every chart.

Do we need to refresh chart, when our trading signals are coming from scan and not from chart.
Will trading via scan take signals from most recent bars in trading via scan. Do we need to refresh chart or database etc every second etc in real time Trading by scan or it automatically take most recent bar in Trading by scan.

It is not clear what you are trying to ask.

Technically, all trading happens in real-time. You cannot buy in the past nor in the future or when a market is closed, whether it is a 1min timeframe or on Monthly.

The Scan/Exploration has a lot of settings, depending on how you configure it, you will be able to place trades but Chart and Analysis are not dependent on each other for execution.
Databases need not be manually updated, your data source will do it for you. And if you are thinking of automating trades ( semi or fully ), then you can check with your broker how you can send orders directly from AB.
They usually provide APIs or even order plugins which are easier to use in the code.

You're trading snapshots of the market, regardless of whether you have the chart set in real-time or you're scanning lists of symbols with an AFL script. If you're scanning, then the smallest snapshot you're capable of analyzing is up to the last 1 second of real-time data coming in from your data plug-in.

If you have a script running on a chart, then the time between transaction prices can be in the milliseconds. The data is being pushed to the script as fast as it comes in.

Thanks very much for useful information SteveH!

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