Realtime Chart in AmiBroker not updating with Interactive Brokers data


I just noticed that the Amibroker charts did not refresh. I am using Interactive broker data plug-in. My amibroker (6.10) can still backfill data from IB, and shows the chart upto the minute of last backfill, but it won't auto-refresh the chart. I tried the newest IB station 974.m4 or the stable version 972, both won't refresh the Charts on Amibroker. Any suggestions ? Thanks!

did you ever find out what was going wrong with this? I currently have the same issue seems like its index that is not updating in chart even if the live view is updating correctly.

when I startup Amibroker on the trading computer connected to the TWS I have a bunch of charts in the layout I use. Some do not show the data properly initially. So I then just "kickstart" it by right-mouse-click on the "CONN" button in the lower right corner of Amibroker and then chose "Backfill Current". Then all my charts are backfilled and stay correct for the rest of the day (unless some problems with the TWS).

TWS backfill is super-limited. It allows only ONE BACKFILL at the time and only for 5 days worth of data in one request. If several charts requests backfill at the same time, ALL backfill requests but ONE would be ignored by TWS.

This is why IB plugin provides a way to backfill symbols ONE AT A TIME, automatically divided into 5 day chunks as instructed in the manual: How to use AmiBroker with Interactive Brokers TWS
(scroll down to BACKFILLING ALL SYMBOLS AT ONCE for the details)

Using this function the plugin ensures that backfill requests are sent slowly, one at a time, so TWS does not get "upset".

Quite frankly, I don't know why Interactive Brokers keeps such crazy low, totally unusable limit on backfill that is totally against "professionalism" of their platform that they claim.