Recent Day(s) in Scan

What's a good way in AFL to figure out if a symbol has quotes in the "recent days" type of Range? The use case is to screen out symbols that don't have quote in the recent days, without resorting to post-processing of the output file.

Are you using Pad & Align?

Thanks for the tip, Matt.

@Greyleaf You can use DateTimeDiff() to compare LastValue(DateTime()) of each symbol with:

  • LastValue(DateTime()) of the reference symbol or

  • current(system) Date/Time using Now() - for example Now(5)

Besides if you run any default Exploration (with the Date/Time column), and set it's range to 1 Recent bar(s), you can easily sort this column and see which issues haven't been traded recently (or for a long time):



Thanks, Milosz. It seems Matt's suggestion is cleaner, esp. since I've already added the code (from Matt's class) to identify tickers without "live heart beats" for a while.