Record multiple values in amibroker?

I have a breakout and retest setup to buy. I have coded it but it only records the latest breakout and forgets the previous breakouts. What if there is a breakout and there is no retest to it and then there is again a breakout and this time retest is there. Here I still want AFL to keep record the first breakout too. How do I make AFl to record multiple values?Capture1

Here I want to my AFL to keep recording 1) breakout and also record future breakouts too when they happen

Here is my afl

Resistance = Ref(HHV(H,50),-1);
Breakout = Cross(C,Resistance);
Breakout = Ref(Sum(Breakout,21) == 0,-1) AND Breakout AND C > (Resistance + Ref(ATR(5),-1));
BreakoutLevel = Ref(Valuewhen(Breakout,Resistance),-1);
Retest = Cross(BreakoutLevel,L);
Retest = Retest AND Cum(Retest) == 1;
Retest = Retest AND BarsSince(Breakout) < 21;

Attach screenshot ( Real Chart ) that show the result you came with it then it would be easier to receive help to solve your problem.

BTW, Is there a good reason for adding the below condition to your code ?

Retest = Retest AND Cum(Retest) == 1;

I just want the first retest to the support level, that's why this line.

The result is the retest to the support level ( shown as point 2 in the pic above)

Ok , got it but i think it will not work as you want as it will also add all retest 's signals that happen from the beginning of chart , not only the most recent retest

if you plot "breakout" variable it would show you all historical breakout signals , so where is the problem ?

Yes it will plot correctly. But I am more interested in exploration i.e I want to find out those stocks which have retested on the breakout today (any- whether recent or previous).

I hope you got it what I am trying to do.

You coded it but it’s the same code posted by @markizta69 in this thread how-to-buy-at-the-high-close-of-the-retest-candle. Maybe I am missing something……….
Btw @fxshrat already posted working solution on that thread..... try that.


It is also recording the recent breakout and not all the previous breakout which have not been tested before.

Please help