Referenced by this chart cannot be found (*.chart) (v 6.28)

To my knowledge,
with .chart extension that keeps also formulas themselves,
today I opened a *.chart and it says that:

ERROR. The formula file Formulas\ referenced by this chart cannot be found. Current working directory: C:\Program Files\AmiBroker

Could anyone please tell me how to solve this? Thank you very much!

Look inside .chart file - for example using Notepad2 - it is contains text so you can see if the formula is there.

Dr. Tomasz,

I see the codes saved by *.chart are UTF-8 (with XML tags),
then I pasted the formula from Notepad to the Formula editor,
verify syntax,
then got syntax error (on v 6.28).
Is there a solution for this (before I re-new my license to the newest version)?

Thank you very much!

I only meant to visually check if formula is there. I did not mean to copy paste to formula editor since .chart file is more than just formula. If the formula is there you should be able to just load it normally as template using procedure described in manual:

Just make sure that Drag-drop folder exits and the folder and files are not marked as read-only.

Alternatively send the .chart file to support for checking.

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It's solved following your instructions, Thank you very much for help!