Referencing across two databases (futures and equities)

I would like to create an ALF to reference an equity for the signal generation but execute the trade on the futures symbol.

I have futures data from Norgate in a database separate from my equities database.

I am familiar with the SetForeign call but not how to reference a symbol in another database. Can this be done? Please offer a suggestion. Thanks!

Not out of the box, no. An Amibroker session can only have a single database open.

Using DDE and multiple Amibroker sessions might be possible, but it would be a load of extra work.

However, in Norgate’s new version (which is scheduled to be released imminently), equities and futures will be comingled in the same database. Therefore what you’re after will become easily achievable within the same Amibroker session.

Richard @NorgateData might be able to give you an update on the pending release date.

Here’s some info on the new database content:

Thanks for the info, Helix.