Refresh from SQL Server tick database

Does RequestTimeRefresh result in a refresh of data from a Sql Server DB setup via ODBC/SQL Data Plug-in??
I have not been able to get it to work.


For what it is worth, SQL and ODBC is extremely inefficient for tick data retrieval. You should really use native AmIBroker database for TICK interval.

SQL and ODBC use TEXT interface that goes across process boundary. Using this for tick data means tremendous amount of binary->ASCII and ASCII->binary conversions that are slow.

Native database does NOT require those conversions at all as native is kept in "ready to use" binary form.

ODBC plugin has only option (in the configuration screen) to refresh every 5 seconds.
RequestTimedRefresh would only refresh the display but won't get new data because plugin has to announce new data and ODBC plugin can do so only every 5 seconds (if enabled).