Refresh Indicator Automatically After Update

Hello All,
I have an indicator for intraday where I need to update the timeslot each day.

As of today I edit the indicator, change the timeslots each day.
Then I right click and add the indicator.
I remove the old version of the indicator.
Move the indicator up as the newly edited indicator is in the lowest pane.

This quite tiresome to do each day.

Is there a faster/more efficient manner to update the timeslot on the indicator (maybe dynamically) and refresh it

Sample for timeslot is
starttime2 = 093500;
endtime2 = 100800;

next day it is

starttime2 = 094500;
endtime2 = 122800;

and so on..

Krishna Khanna

Instead of Drag-and-drop or right-click insert indicator, have you tried using "Insert Linked" option.

After you do this, you can just Edit the AFL everyday or use Paramaters to provide input to indicator.

If the original approach by the user is not efficient, then AB has no role in it.

You can read here for more info

When an indicator is dragged, AB creates a copy in the drag-n-drop folder (hidden by default) which is a way to prevent accidental deletion or modification of the original formula by the user.

Insert Linked on the other hand references the same afl and changes made reflect immediately.