Remote desktop is not refreshing the same was as local computer, was: Amibroker 5.90 chart


I am running Amibroker 5.90 on a VPS whose configuration is as under:
Windows 7 Professional , Service Pack1
Processor: Intel® Xenon® CPU E5-2640 @ 2.5GHz 2.5GHz

I am accessing that server through my Laptop using Remote Desktop option and my Internet DL speed 16Mbps and UL speed 0.5Mbps.

I am facing the issue with chart stability. The bars and Buy/Signal arrows are intermittently gettin ON & OFF though internet speed, connectivity and Data Feed are stable. Even this is happening during Off market when chart is running on Local data setting. Even whenever I scroll the chart (left/right) using mouse middle scroll button, same thing happening. I even tested with two different data feeds.

The AFL I am using on VPS. the same AFL and same datafeed when I use on my personal local PC it works perfectly.

Can anybody suggest what’s wrong in my entire setup on VPS or what could be the possible problem. I am not sure whether there is different Amibroker version for VPS.


It HAS NOTHING to do with AmiBroker. It is how remote desktop works. If you learned a little bit how remote desktop works you would know that it is FAR CRY behind local computer connected physically to the monitor. Google some about what is the bandwidth of DVI-D or HDMI connection and compare that to your connection.

BTW: 5.90 is old and not supported.