Remove a suffix from all ticker names in a database

Amibroker Version - 6.35.1
Problem Statement:

  • Have a locally stored database of about 2000 tickers and all the ticker names have the suffix '.NSE' or '.NSE_IDX'

  • Have subscribed to a new data vendor and their ticker names do not have this suffix

  • Want a solution to remove the mentioned suffixes from all the ticker names in the old database, manually doing this would be tedious as there are about 2000 tickers in the database

Old Database Snapshot:

Two ways that I could think about are as below:

  1. Add the new data so that two ticker names appear as below:
    And then merge the 2 symbols
    The issue is that manually doing this for all the 2000 symbols would be tedious

  2. Use the command keyword $APPENDNAME
    Really not sure if this will work or how this needs to be used

Request senior users in this forum to share their thoughts of a solution to this issue

See Knowledge Base, it contains exact recipe:

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Thank you Tomasz, will go through the article and follow the process

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