Remove extra panes from chart

Hello Friends,

I am building an automated system that will open various APX files one by one, Scan and Close the file.

Those formulas have nothing useful to plot in the chart.

However Amibroker is adding one empty pane in the chart for each formula that it scans.

Can I add some instructions in the AFL to either not add the unwanted empty pane in the chart or remove the new/empty pane at the end of the AFL script?

Thanks for your time!

NO charts are open when you open APX file. You must have done something wrong in YOUR CODE. But how would anyone know what you did if you did not post the CODE? Please follow this advice: How to ask a good question

No code -> no answer.

I realize that it was not the AFL code but my mistake.
I was hitting Apply button in the AFL editor. Somehow I got this habit of hitting Verify and Apply in the toolbar, after making changes in AFL.

We can close this topic.

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