Removing tickers that are in multiple Market IDs

Ive held off asking this question for a week now because I really felt I should either know the answer already or at least, have been able to find it. No luck though so if it is already answered somewhere, I apologize.

I am trying to clean up my tickers from multiple marketIDs. I have tried using "organize assignments" but it only allows to delete from market and not remove. I have also tried using the Import Wizard to overwrite the lists with a new one which seems to just add to the existing list rather than erase the old list and put in the new list. If I try to "delete" it removes the ticker completely. So I am just not having any luck doing what I am trying to do.

To sum it up, all I want to do is for example, if AAPL is in Market 0, Market 1, & Market 4, how can I erase it from 0 & 1, so that it is only in Market 4?

You are mixing things up here.
It is impossible that a symbol is part of multiple markets. Each symbol of DB is part of single market, group, sector, industry.

A symbol may be part of multiple watch lists.

To remove by code you may use CategoryRemoveSymbol() function.

Or without code.. Right click watchlist and remove from watchlist.


Well damn @fxshrat :wink: that's just second glance you are absolutely correct YET AGAIN!. As I was organizing my database I had moved things from one market to another and then imported some of the same tickers to another market and just assumed I guess that they were in both places and didn't verify....I knew I didnt want to post this question...LOL.....Thank you!


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