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After reading all the posts on this forum about Renko, I'm nervous to ask a question about it. Hahaha. Anyway here it goes.
I have looked at the Renko code, posted here, and understand @Tomasz 's, point about it being Range bars, already in Amibroker. However, I would like to find out if anyone has or has an idea on how to adjust the already various versions of Renko code to adjust the brick size, using ATR. Here is an example.
This Renko chart uses an ATR of 14. You can see that it is accurate to what price is doing (red line).
Here is a version of Renko from from Amibroker KB.
The is the link to the Renko Code
Where I changed one line to.
Brick = LastValue( ATR(14) );
Which results to the second pane (RENKO) chart. As you can see this is not the same.

So the question really is, how can Renko be calculated using ATR, my attempt on this has not worked so far. I would love any input, discussion, or pointers on perhaps something I'm not understanding.

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ATR(14) calculates Average True Range indicator of 14 last bars
if you set periodicity to daily , ATR is calculated over the last 14 day bars

When you use LastValue of ATR you fix the LAST ATR value and use it over all bars.

Do you know how the first chart was calculated ?

Hi @awilson . I unfortunately do not know. I have tried to hunt down the code for it, with no success yet. It is from for your interest, and so is the calculation method. If I get anywhere with this, I shall post back here.

Hi Guys,
I know this is a bit old thread but this is exactly what I need. I want the AFL for Renko with ATR as box size, but I am unable to access the above mentioned link.
Appreciate your help in this.

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