Renko == Range bars, was: absence of Renko


Could you please tell me why does Renko Chart is not available on Amibroker? Is there any technical issue behind this? Is there a possibility that it will be available in a future version?


Go to AFL Library and search for Renko

Thanks awilson.

As Renko Chart doesn’t exist in Amibroker, I tried to create it by using the proposed code. However, the prices I got when using this code does not corresponde to the prices in the temporal charts… For instance, in the temporal chart I am using, the most recent price is 69,630. If I turn on a Renko toggle, the price plummets to 67,165. Did anyone have this problem? Any idea on how to solve it?


Renko charts ignore time and focus solely on price changes that meet a minimum requirement.

Comparing it to current price, does not make much sense.


@claudio_coutinho Of course @awilson is correct about not comparing time bars to Renko bars.

I don’t know if these codes are the same but there are also afl Renko codes in articles listed in this post,

Assumptions are NOT facts.

The facts are that Renko bars are basically just RANGE bars. It is 100% the same concept. And Range bars ARE available in AmiBroker.