Report Explorer is not opening

I have installed 64-bit first 6.0 for trial and then upgraded to latest version 6.40.4 after the purchase of Amibroker, I am getting the following error message, when I click on Report Explorer

C:\Program Files\AmiBroker\Reports\results.rlst contains an invalid path.

Can Anyone please guide what to do in this case.

Once Run the Amibroker as Administrator..
It will solve the error.

I already preset to Run it as an administrator only, and getting the same error. Again for confirmation purpose, I right clicked and then ran it as administrator. it still gave me the same error message.
Any help please.

You need to run FULL SETUP, not upgrade. Re-run setup program and choose "Full installation"

Hi Tomasz, I again installed the amibroker 64 bit on the fresh machine, it is still saying the same thing, is there any suggestion further.

Did you run at least ONE back test?

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