Report Explorer. Some standard columns are missing

Hi there. I tried to reorder & resize the columns in Report Explorer.
Instead, I managed to delete some of the columns (L.AvgBarsHeld, for instance, is gone along with another 5 columns).

I can actually see the "missing data" is still there via Notepad.
Just cannot see in report explorer.

I have tried:

  • Reboot laptop/Amibroker
  • Deleted Amibroker/Reports folder and let it get recreated after backtest etc. Same columns re still missing.
  • Tried replacing the results.rlst with one from my other machine. Same columns still missing.

I didnt realise I could not re-order these columns in Report Explorer and now wish I had not.

Based on that I am not sure re-installig Amibroker will even fix it. Could windows be invloved?

Any ideas much appreciated.


Same result after full re-installation.

  • unistalled Amibroker, delete Formulas and Reports folders from laptop
  • reinstalled 6.31.
  • reinstalled database (norgate) and plugins etc.
  • ran backtest and Result Explorer is still missing the same columns that I previously managed to mess up by re-ordering/re-sizing.

Still seeking help.

Have not resoved but understand better and able to replicate.

Report/results.rslt contains only tab seperated data. There are no headings in the file.

On the actual Report Explorer you can drag the column width of the far right hand side columns so they actually dissappear. The actual "data" for these columns remains in Report/results.rslt. But uness you use some other program like I used notepad its not visible. If you repeat process you can delete futher columns. I'm actually missing the last 3 standard columns.

So its the "Heading" or "structure" thats actually being deleted, as the "data" is still OK.

Have tried a buch of things to "undo" but its beyond my pay grade. :slight_smile:

You can not delete columns in Report Explorer but just rows (Reports) via "Delete" button.
As you say yourself you have simply made them disappear.

To make all columns of Report Explorer appear with auto-set width again simply hit:

CTRL + ALT + Numpad's "+" key

(after clicking Report explorer)

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Thankyou very much it worked!

As my laptop is without seperate numerical keyboard I needed to use the Windows OnScreen KeyBoard in the end to obtain the NumLock "plus" sign (doesnt work with only CTRL + ALT + "+" or CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + "+")

Anyway, thanks your a legend.

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